Andy Novozhilov (commi) wrote,
Andy Novozhilov

Privet iz Vladivostoka

ホ砒, 蓁 ム瑙-ヤ頌 裨 - 籵 萵 粨蓖!
マ褞糺 糺跿 Inet 韈 蓿 胛萵 Palm. ハ 赳, 韲褊 LJ 胚 Cyrillic, u ce鴒瑰 糂 碯 . マ 趺 顆竟 頸瑣 comments Mona_Liza mikkhait. ヘ 糂ク 粹, 瑰鞦!
ム裙 裼蒻 , 磊 ォ!サ, マ 珞琿 肛蓿 鈿碣珸 蒻, 粽萵 磊 . ヌ珞 褞 #2. テ 糒褪 趺 鈿碣珸 (, 糺 褪).
Tags: comps, дебилизм, языкознание
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